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PROJECT DAY in KVARTA/Aj1 (Un)known Europe

We have decided to focus on those EU countries which are less known to us than e.g. Italy or Germany. Thus we could enjoy Power Point presentations on Bulgaria, Latvia etc.

Another part of our PD was a class survey on our attitude to the EU. Here are the results.

Q 1    What do you think of our membership in the EU?

–    big idiocy
–    absurd laws, rules
+    we help each other within the EU
–    they instruct us, dictate, limit our economy
–    EU does not keep the purpose it was created for
+    financial grants are positive
+    we can study and work abroad
+    free travelling
–    we have to pay much money to the EU
–    we cannot call „Pomazánkové máslo“ “Butter Spread” :-]
+    good for trading
?    hope advantages prevail

Q2    Would you  like to accept EURO?

+    Yes, good for travelling, payments abroad.
–    No, CZK is a part of our identity.
–    No, never.
–    No, we would have to help the EU countries in debts.
+    Yes, it is cool.
–    No, we would bankrupt.
–    No, everything would be expensive.
–    No, we would lose our monetary policy.
–    No, common currency weakens others.
–    No, it would bring new troubles.
+    One currency for everyone might make life easier.
–    No, Eurozone is in troubles.
–    No, I do not want to convert CZK to EURO.

Q3    Which EU countries have you visited?
Number of respondents = 11

1.    Poland                        9 students
2.    Germany                     7
       Slovakia                     7
3.    Austria                       6
       France                       6
4.    Italy                          5
5.    Great Britain               4
6.    Slovenia                     3
       Bulgaria                     3
       Hungary                     3
7.    Croatia                      2
8.    Greece                       1
       The Netherlands          1
       Belgium                     1

Q4    Which EU countries would you like to live in?

France    4 students
England    3
Greece, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Norway, CZECH  REPUBLIC (1)

LA, California :-]
Switzerland    :-}
Unfortunately, these are not in the EU.


Ing R.Křečková